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[国外住宅] 南卡罗来纳州沙利文岛的家

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hen it comes to designing a beach home, there is the obvious route and then there is the road less taken. Sea shell accessories, shades of misty blue hues on the walls, and a beige slip cover on the sofa to hide the sandy leftovers are typical, if not traditional, requests associated with water-front properties. So, when designerCortney Bishop's longtime clients purchased a brand-new home on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina — a mere three blocks away from the Atlantic ocean — she knew this space was about to chart new territory.
It wasn’t that her clients weren’t traditional, far from it. “I like to say that they are a modern southern family who appreciate those time-tested southern values,” says Bishop of the homeowners, and their two young boys, who travel the world for pleasure, often picking up design inspiration throughout every trip. "Their tastes combine the wife’s love of worldly, ethnic art and influences along with her husband’s appreciation and great knowledge of furniture design—especially mid-century modernism.” The homeowners came to the table with their personal collection of art, vintage rugs and furniture, and an edited selection of accessories from their travels to make the home sing. Comfortable, practical, and most importantly, unique were the terms inflicted upon the designer to give this brand new home an old soul.
Coming in off the wrap-around porch, the home opens in typical southern fashion. A grand plantation-style hallway with pine flooring repurposed from an old church, unfolds throughout the entire first floor. In front, the formal living and dining room are traditional in nature, perfect for entertaining but not necessarily spaces that the entire family can enjoy. So, in the back of the house, the walls were removed, creating an open floor plan that combined the large, custom kitchen with the laid-back family room, allowing the family to spread out yet still be together.


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