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[原创] CHAO | 苏州"一城半点"

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项目名称:苏州Ufun ”一城半点” 空间设计
Project Name: Half Point One CitySpace Design in Ufun Shopping Mall, Suzhou
Project Owner: Suzhou Siyao CateringCo.,LTD
ProjectPlace: Ufun Shopping Mall of Suzhou High-tech Zone , Jiangsu
项目面积:175 m2
Project Area: 175m2
TheUnit of Space Design: Suzhou Chao Yu Design Firm
项目设计师:梁飞 王星 于爱华
Designers : Liang Fei Wang Xing  Yu Ai Hua
VIDesign Unit: BOBRAND
Material: White Oakdecorated surface,  Wall Cloth, WhiteYarn Structure, White Grating, Black Bricks, Clip Silk, Glass, CementBricks,  Printing Wall Cloth
Design Period: 02/2018-03/2018
Construction Period: 03/2018-04/2018
Cameraman:  Mr. SONG


When it was drizzling, people who didn’t bringumbrella with them, had to walk along different lanes under eaves in order toavoid the rain. Occasionally, they could hear the sound from crisping rain. Itlikes to enjoy the wonderful sound of rain hitting on leaves of plantain, waterdropping on the sycamore trees gently. Now and then, people could encounter oneor two venders sheltered under the eaves selling gardenia, sugar porridge etc.You must steer clear of their stalls without violating their manor.

本项目是苏州思肴餐饮有限公司旗下第一个以“一城半点”作为品牌主营中式面点的实体餐饮店铺,“一城半点”旨在“古法研制,点心工坊”。与苏州新晋设计事务所——CHAO 巢羽设计事务所合作,联合打造新品牌,是思肴餐饮期望以全新的中式餐饮品牌走向大众的第一步。
This project is the first physical catering store ofSuzhou Siyao Catering Company. It uses Half Point One City as a brand operatingChinese stationing mainly. Half Point One City indicates ancient developing methodand dessert workshop. CHAO YU Design Firm cooperates with Suzhou Xinjin DesignFirm in order to create a new brand. It is the first step for Siyao Catering toshow audience with a new Chinese style of catering brand.

CHAO 从“一城半点”的内涵出发,以“一座城市,半点生活”的理念创建全新的餐饮空间。手工包是“一城半点”的特色,在店铺入口,是CHAO 为“一城半点”设置的独立的手工包展示区,以最直接的展现方式让客户更加近距离的了解到“一城半点”的手工包从揉面,拌馅,包包,蒸包到热气腾腾摆在餐桌上的全过程。

According to the new concept of Half Point of Life in One City,CHAO designs the catering with its connotation. Manual steamedstuffed buns express the special feature of Half Point One City. At theentrance, you will see CHAO’s unique design which is an independent displayingarea of manual steamed stuffed buns. It tells audience how to knead dough, howto mix fillings and how to make steamed buns and shows the steaming buns on thetables.


Vestibular exhibits famous dishes of Half Point One City.They can stimulate your appetite. And china steamed buns as furnishing articleshave been displayed on the shelves on the wall. They are CHAO’s special designfor Half Point One City. On the roof of vestibular, you can enjoy the ancientmortise and tenon joint structures which convey the idea of ancient developingmethod.

Chinese ancient building gardeners borrowed scenerythrough windows. They brought sceneries from gardens with ones outside ofgardens into contact to reach the effect of realization of combination, mutualfoil, mutual borrowing resources. In some degree, they extended garden space,made the limited one into infinity, and formed an organic garden inside andoutside, finally created the effect of artistic whole. In order to fit HalfPoint One City's dishes positioning, CHAO primarily exhibits the elements of"windows", "eaves", "walls" in the ancientbuildings in this area. Through a round windows, people can see stars first,then see Suzhou style gardens through windows with carved patterns.“Yuan Ye” said"To borrow scene is the most important method to build gardens”. CHAO hopesusers enjoy the Suzhou style life through different windows.


In long table area of dining district, the eaves withabstract style are made of wooden frames mounting atranslucent white gauze, pervious to light, their silhouette reflecting on theground, not dazzling lights, etc.  All ofthese have a plenty of Suzhou touches. In booth area, CHAO designs thesilhouette of the ancient city with abstract way. It has been printed with thefine quality of linen to create a quiet street life through flexible lightband.


You can vaguely see persons dining in the compartment areathrough the glass partition with ink element. In balcony area, CHAO moves theblue bricks to the wall, Suzhou homes’ wooden partition to the space. There twopeople can play, 3--5 people can drink happily. Open space and closed parts, dynamic and static spaces can create theemotional connection between space and space.

The spatial structurediagram
Project Plan
Project Elevation
Program Diagram

A Firm Focused onDesign in Suzhou

Brands We Served
To do design, we won’t forget original mind.


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RE: CHAO | 苏州"一城半点"

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