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[售楼部] 【高清案例】IDEAL艾迪尔设计-成都洺悦府售楼处 • 石室金鐀

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【首发】IDEAL艾迪尔设计 | 成都洺悦府售楼处 • 石室金鐀

Starting IDEAL Aidi Er design | Chengdu Ming Yue

House sales office stone room Jin


“Collection culture is not only about history, but also a part of growth of all things”


Materials of inspiration (picture)


The meaning of the galleryhas been developed from simply “taking history as a mirror” and “people orientation” to “growth of all things”. While the marriage of the historic value and the aesthetic concept delivered by the gallery has become the best spatial demonstration of a showroom aesthetically.


►“石室金匮”亦作“石室金鐀”。以金为匮,以石为室,重缄封之。在设计之初,设计团队定义要将建筑石材与室内石材融为一体,达到内外合一。「 洺悦府」坐落于有天府之国美誉的成都,地块四面环水,自成一岛,身在城中,却有远离喧嚣尘世的感觉,是罕见在都市中拥有私密园林的区块。张怀提到,现代馆藏文化是此次设计的核心思想,采取了崭新的现代与传统文化相结合的设计理念。本案的设计从外建筑立面延续至室内的引入式设计,外部建筑的现代感到内部整体馆藏艺术氛围的营造,让时空的车轮在不经意间穿梭而过。

Thedesign delivers a concept “a case tied with a golden rope in a sealed stoneroom”. At the beginning of the design, the design team defined the stones usedin the building and those used indoor as a whole to make inside and outside awhole. Luoyuefu is located in Chengdu, a land of abundance. The parcel issurrounded by water as an island. The visitors will feel away from the cityeven if you’re still in the city. So it is rare block with a private garden inthe big city. Zhang Huai has mentioned, the modern gallery culture is the coreof this design and a creative combination of modern culture and traditionalculture was adopted here. The design of the case extends from exterior buildingfaçade to indoor design. The integration of the modern appearance outside withthe artistic atmosphere inside allows the wheels of the time and space toshuttle naturally.





The design of introducingscene to the space pulls the sky, water and trees inside via a floor window,reflecting a traditional basic thinking of harmony betweenhuman and nature sothat between human and nature there is no a relationship between subject andobject. Instead, between them, there is a relationship between a part and awhole, deformation and original appearance or original and the highest state.



Decorativedetails show natural taste of the artseverywhere, with sculptural sand tablearea, lightings on the top of the space, mountain pattern formed by the lamps,the smooth lines and the vertical wooden grilles on the wall which look like alandscape, further highlight the artistic concept of a modern gallery.



Ahidden view connects to another and the layers of views bring visitors to thenature. The concept of art collection pops up one after another. No matter thegiant sculpture or hidden frames under the ceiling is a part of the wholearchitectural space.



The unique naturallandscape and the relatively simple extraction combine natural elements likewater, stone, mountain and plant to create a quiet space. The reasonablearrangement of materials and colorsshowa exclusive and humanistic orientalartistic concept.




Thedesigner pursues façade form of minimalism. The delicate treatment and orderly formationof the stones with horizontal lines show the composition of the façade linesand create a sold and simple space effect. At the same time, with a solidspatial structure, the lines and the grilles show waving profile of landscape. Theunderstanding on eastern culture contributes to this modern orientalarchitecturalspace.



The soft decoration designof the drinking bar combines oriental culture with Chinese style. The hanginglamps in the form of landscape, elegant screens and grey marble floor show aspecial charm of scholarly atmosphere. Blue-gray –based soft decorations orientalfashionable mood an modern and practical design concepts reflect an elegantatmosphere together.







The design of the VIP roomintegrates building, view and indoor cense together. The design method byborrowing external view make inside and outside a whole.



The designer has took intoaccount the importance of the discussion area, so he decided to show the areain an open manner and build it a multi-functional spacecombining a leisurereading area and a business space. The overall design show different spatialpersonality. The walls were treated with different forms of granite and marbleand the soft decoration is main tone with contrastive colors yellow andblue-green color so as to enhance the active atmosphere of the whole space.



During the design and building,the interspersion of spaces is highlights so that these spaces are independentfrom each other and also integrated with each other, showing unique artisticmeaning o the culture and collection. The work gives priority to traditionalfeatures to the extreme and perfectly interprets the art and comfortablefeeling of the space.





The immortal artisticconcept, the calm mood, the vague elegance, changing colors and softfurnishings inject the space a quiet and comfortable oriental atmosphere,graceful and noble.



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